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Captcha Creator is a powerful and complete PHP Captcha Script that generates Captcha Images. Easy to install on any web hosting account, it is very customizable and easy to configure. You can specify the size of the image, the color of text and backgrounds, the fonts used, the number of letters and numbers displayed, backgrounds, and much more.

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Captcha Creator is an easy to use PHP Script that generates Strong Captchas, which has NOT been broken yet. We update our script often, and we offer a large collection of backgrounds, fonts, and configuration files that have various text sizes and positions, to ensure that is it very difficult, if not impossible, for spam bots to break it.

Is very easy to install on any website with php support, and can be used to stop web forms submissions made by spam bots on sites like: Guestbooks, Blogs, Wiki, Comments, Feedback forms, Contact Forms, Signup forms any any other kind of form you might think of. Try It Now!

Works with any web hosting account!

No need to install extra modules, our powerful script processes your submissions secure and fast, on your behalf, and redirects visitors to the page you setup.

Stop Spam 100%!

It's a bad idea to skip the CAPTCHA image verification, as sophisticated harvesting software will find your website and spam you with all sorts of spam! Our script contains multiple anti-spam utilities to prevent just that!

No Programming required!

You get simple 1-2-3 instructions how to Copy & Paste our code in and you are done. No programming skills needed. You will also get step by step instruction how to integrate the PHP Captcha Script.

After uploading the script to your website, you can use it on your existing web form by following three easy steps.

The php script creates and shows a new, unique Captcha image every time your web page is visited, stopping automated submissions in their tracks, and protecting your web forms from junk data submitted by spam bots.

Black&White captcha

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Hiptnotic captcha

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Captcha Creator is an easy to use and higly customizable captcha script, that you can download and install in three easy steps. The online Captcha Customization Tool allows you to select what letters and numbers should be used, the face, size and color of the font, backrgound image, noise, and more.

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What is Captcha?

A CAPTCHA is a challenge response test used on computers to check if the user is human. A common kind of CAPTCHA that is used on websites requires that the visitor type the letters and numbers of a distorted image. This method is based on the fact that is difficult for computers to extract the text from the image while it is very easy for humans.

They are very common these days because of spammers who create special scripts and programs that automatically submit forms.

Programmers have worked to create special algorithms that can read the distorted letters from images with the purpose of defeating Captcha images.

Strong captcha's must be used to insure that spam bots will not pass and submit their information to forms. Read more